How to Recover Deleted/Lost Contacts from iPhone
If you have the same question with Amy, read this article carefully. In this article, we aim to introduce iPhone users how to restore deleted or lost contacts from iPhone with and without backup. Basically, you can recover deleted or lost contacts from iPhone directly... Read More >>
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How to Restore Deleted Contacts from iPad
This article aims to help iPad users who want to restore deleted or lost contacts from their iPad. As we all know that, if you want to get back deleted or lost iPad contacts, you can restore your iPad with backup files from iTunes and iCloud. However, this way will wipe all the new data on your iPad... Read More >>
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How to Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup
Compare with iTunes, iCloud is more convenient and flexible than iTunes. It can backup your iPhone data automatically without connecting your iPhone to computer. Once you lose or accidentally delete contacts from your iPhone, you can use... Read More >>
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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer
As one of the most important data on your iPhone, contacts should be backed up regularly. You can use both iTunes and iCloud to backup your iPhone contacts. However, they are still not that flexible and practical when you want to backup iPhone contacts only or several contacts from iPhone. In this article, I will show you the easiest and most flexible way... Read More >>
How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone
This article aims to show you how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. I will use iOS Transfer program to help iPhone users to copy contacts from iPhone to iPhone. You can select any contact on one iPhone and transfer them to the other iPhone without limitation... Read More >>
How to Import iPhone Contacts to Mac
If you don’t want to use iCloud service, you can use iTunes to backup your iPhone. The backup file will be saved in your Mac. In this article, I will show you a much more flexible and use-friendly way to transfer or import contacts from iPhone to Mac. This method allows... Read More >>
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How to Restore Contacts from iTunes Backup
iTunes can backup all the data on your iOS devices. It saves the backup files on your computer. When you need the data, you can restore your iOS devices with iTunes backup file. But there is one problem keeping away iOS users restoring their device with iTunes backup... Read More >>
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