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How to Restore Notes from iCloud Backup
Although you can easily backup iPhone with iCloud, when you want to get back data from iCloud backup separately, it’s not that easy. Just like Thomas, if you just want to restore 2 important notes from your iCloud backup, you can’t restore your iPhone with iCloud backup... Read More >>
Notes iCloud Backup
How to Extract Photos from iPhone Backup
The question, how to extract photos from iPhone backup or how to recover photos from iPhone backup without restoring iPhone, have been discussing or asking for a very long time. In this article, I will tell you the easiest and best way to get photos from iPhone backup... Read More >>
Photos iCloud
How to Extract Data from iOS Device’s iTunes Backup File
As the most reliable assistant for iOS devices, iTunes can backup all the data in your iOS device and save the backup files on your computer. Although iTunes can backup your iOS device, you can’t use the backup file directly. If you want to get back the data in your iTunes backup, you need to restore your iOS device... Read More >>
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