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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

As one of the most important data on your iPhone, contacts should be backed up regularly. You can use both iTunes and iCloud to backup your iPhone contacts. However, they are still not that flexible and practical when you want to backup iPhone contacts only or several contacts from iPhone. In this article, I will show you the easiest and most flexible way to backup your iPhone contacts. You will learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer selectively.

It is very easy to do that, you just need your iPhone, USB cable, computer and iOS Transfer program. This program is designed to help iOS users who want to transfer files from their iPhone to computer, from computer to iPhone and between any two iOS devices. You can transfer contacts, photos, videos, messages, ringtones, music, playlists, movies, tv shows, voice memos and other files between iOS devices and computer.

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Step 1. Connect iPhone to Computer

Launch this iOS Transfer program on your computer after installing. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. This program will recognize your iPhone and connect it to its interface.


Step 2. Transfer iPhone Contacts to Computer

On the data menu on the left side, you can easily find the “Contacts” section. Enter it and you will find all the contacts on your iPhone. Select any of the contacts, you can preview the contact information on the right side. You can preview contact name, job title, phone number, birthday, email address, mail address and other data you have on your phone.

iphone contacts

1. Transfer All Contacts from iPhone to Computer

If you want to transfer all the contacts from your iPhone to computer, go to “Import/Export” section and select “Export All Contacts” option in the drop down list. Then you are allowed to select the format of the exported iPhone contacts.

export all contacts

2. Transfer Selected Contacts from iPhone to Computer

If you just want to transfer some of the iPhone contacts to your computer, select the contacts you want to backup on the contact list. After selecting all the contacts you want to transfer, right-click them and select “Export Selected Contacts” on the menu. You need to select a file format to export these iPhone contacts to your computer.

1. As you can see, this program provides you different output file formats for you. You can export your iPhone contacts to CSV and vCard file for different email account. Just select the one you like.
2. You can also edit, delete and add new contacts to your iPhone with this program. Also you are allowed to add selected contacts to groups at once with this iOS Transfer program.

With this iOS Transfer, you can backup and transfer any iPhone contact to computer. When you need them, you can easily check them on your computer or import them to your email account. You won’t worry about losing any of them.

If you accidentally delete them or lose them without backup, try to read this article to learn how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone without backup.