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How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

Phone files with them. I will use iOS Transfer in this article. It can connect your iPhone easily and transfer any file from iPhone to computer. The iPhone files will be saved on your computer as you want with readable and playable file format. You can view or use them anytime.

iOS Transfer is designed to replace iTunes which can manage iPhone files for you easily. It can transfer files from and to iPhone without limitations. You can transfer text messages, photos, videos, contacts, voice memos, music, playlists, ringtones, movies, tv shows and other important files from iPhone to PC and from PC to iPhone.

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Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC

Run this iOS Transfer program on your computer. Connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable. This program will detect your iPhone and load all the iPhone files to its interface easily.


Step 2. Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

With the data menu on the left side of the interface, you can find all the files on your iPhone and transfer them from iPhone to PC easily. Before copying, you can easily preview the files and select any of them to transfer.

1. Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

Go to “Media” > “Music” on the data menu, you will find all the songs on your iPhone. You can select any music on the list. After selecting all the music you want to transfer, click the “Export” > “Export to PC” option. This iOS Transfer will transfer all the selected music from iPhone to computer as soon as possible.

iphone music

2. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to PC

Go to “Contacts” section on the menu and you will see all your iPhone contacts and groups on the interface. Select the contacts you want to copy and right-click the contacts. You need to select “Export” > “Export to PC” in the menu easily. This program will transfer all the contacts from iPhone to PC for you.

iphone contacts

The transferred iPhone contacts will be saved as CSV, vCard and HTML file format on your computer. You can use them according to your needs easily.

3. Transfer iPhone Photos to PC

Click “Photos” section, you will find all the albums on your iPhone. You can go to each album to find the pictures you want to copy to your computer. After selecting all the iPhone photos and pictures you want to transfer, use the “Export to” function to transfer them from iPhone to PC easily.

iphone photos

Besides the files above, you can also transfer videos, movies, tv shows, voice memos, playlists, messages, books, ringtones and other files from your iPhone to PC easily. If you want a flexible way to backup or transfer files from iPhone to PC, iOS Transfer is your best choice.