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I believe most Apple users, if they are old enough, begin their Apple life with iPod. It is definitely the best MP3 player in that age. Many of them still keep their iPod which filled with hundreds of songs with them. Have you ever wonder how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone? iTunes will be the first answer come into your head. But if your iPod is too old to use the latest iTunes, you can’t do that with it. In this article, I will use iOS Transfer program to transfer music from iPod to iPhone without any limitation.

iOS Transfer can connect iPod and iPhone at the same time and transfer songs from iPod to iPhone freely. You can also transfer photos, videos, contacts, movies, tv shows, playlists and other files from iPod to iPhone.

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Before transfer music to your iPhone, please make sure there is enough space on your iPhone to save the music you will transfer to it.

Step 1. Connect iPod and iPhone

Run this iOS Transfer program on your computer. Connect your iPod and iPhone to your computer via USB cable. This program will recognize your iPod and iPhone easily and load them to its interface.

connect ipod and iphone

Step 2. Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone

Go to the “Media” section under iPod and select “Music” on the top bar. You will see all the music in your iPod listed here. Find and select the songs you would like to transfer to iPhone.

You can sort the music with Genre, Artist, Album and other tags on the interface to find the music faster. You can also play the music to make sure it is the song you want to copy. After selecting all the iPod music you want to transfer, click “Export” button and select “Export to iPhone” option in the drop-down list. All the selected music will be transferred to your iPhone as soon as possible.

transfer ipod music to iphone

You can also right-click the selected iPod music and select “Export” > “Export to iPhone” option to finish the transfer.

Now you can go to “Your iPhone” > “Media” > “Music” to find the music you just transferred to it. You can also find the music on your iPhone easily. Now you can enjoy the old music on your iPhone. To better manage your iPhone music with iTunes, you can also transfer the iPod music to iTunes with this program. So you can sync your iPhone with your iTunes next time without losing these songs you just transferred to it.

iOS Transfer is the best and easiest to use iPhone management program for whom don’t like to use iTunes. It can transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, ringtones, playlists and other files from and to iPhone without limitation.